The Appalachee River Band

Here are the people with whom I used to jam and sometimes play , First photo was taken at Uncle Pen's studio, and lacks DC, who was the dobro player. In the second picture, we are playing at the "Newbern Opry" !! It's fun, and they are VERY good musicians. "Uncle Pen", who plays mandolin and fiddle, (usually, he can play ANYTHING) is a member of the Georgia Country Music Hall of fame.

The band

Uncle Pen (mandolin, fiddle, bass - you name it) his son, Dwight; (banjo) me, (drum) and Terri (rhythm guitar and vocals - sounds a lot like Patsy Cline.)
DC took the photo.

At the Newbern Opry, in Newbern, GA.
(It's an old school building -- there were maybe 200 people there!!)


Cathy and Chris own this camp on his family's private compound in the Adirondacks. It is a marvelous place!! We have spent some time helping them work on the place and always enjoy visiting there.( Their downstairs floors are Georgia heart pine.)
One can hike, canoe, kayak, sail, swim, sit on the porch -- it is, as I said, a marvelous place!! It is very private, and very beautiful. What a great place to spend time with Cathy and her family!! (They live in Denver, but manage to get a month in to the camp each year in the summer.)
We gave Cathy an Adirondack guide boat as a gift to celebrate her receiving her PhD a few years ago.

The PhD guideboat

Here are Cathy and Jim on the boat's "maiden voyage" on the lake.


This is Cathy in a hunting camp which is reached by a combination of hiking and canoeing. It has all the original furnishings from the 20's and is kept stocked with basic foods and firewood. Chris' grandfather used dog sleds to take the building supplies, etc. into the area when he built it -- easier to access over the snow and ice. Neat place!!!

A view of the lake from their boat dock.

Here I am with our latest contribution to the camp - an antique Maytag washing machine!! It works, and saves a 20+ mile trip into the laundromat!!
(Due to several "primitive" conditions there - including extreme cold - this is the only type of machine usable.)

Sometimes I've gotten to spend time with people who are sorta famous. Here are the photos which usually reside on my 'fridge - so I can remember the fun!!


Hilda Keith, Cyndi Lauper and me


David Keith and me
(On the set of Major League II)

Baltimore again

Corbin Bernsen and "moi"


Iowa, of all places!!

"Sangin'" ????? with the coal miner's daughter!!

Los Angeles (Marina del Rey)

Corbin, yours truly, and David again

Beacon Theater, New York City, 4/21/01

Here I am with brother-and sister-in-law Ben and Rose Cantrell, with their daughter, Laura. We're in the dressing room at the theater just after her performance as opening act for Willie Nelson!! She sings and writes very nice country songs, and it was a big thrill to share that night with her!!

Another famous friend

Somehow I never even thought of getting a picture with one of the more famous friends -- I have photos of me and Jim at her summer home in the Berkshires, but none with her and Jay in them with us!!
When the TV version of Breaking Away was being filmed in Athens,( In the late 70's, early 80"s, I forget when.) Barbara Barrie came into the Flea Market looking for antiques. I welcomed her to the city, we talked, and she was soon going to auctions with us, and spending time with us at the house, as we shared an interest in "old things". We visited her family, Jay, Aaron and Jane, in Manhattan,and also used their summer place for one night on our way back from Vermont. (Mike was doing summer stock there that summer.) It was lovely to attend a Broadway show (Barnum) with an Obie winner!! She is a lovely lady - and it was a pleasure knowing her.

My cousin, Ruth, has done a lot of study about our ancestors. Here she is, with her dog, Molly.

Ruth lives in West Tennessee.


These ancestral photos will only be of interest to my family, I think. but here they are.

This is the wedding photo of our grandparents, Henry Harrison and Mary Elizabeth Diggs Dinkins. Date: 1875

Our great-grandfather

William H. Diggs, father of Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Diggs Dinkins.
His parents were Benjamin Hinson and Mary Jernigan Diggs.(Our great-greats)
See next photo:

Benjamin Hinson Diggs 1798-1871


Ludretia Owens Diggs, wife of William H. - our great-grandmom. The following would be our great-greats, etc. Her parents were Peter Owen and Elizabeth Hodges Owen. Her grand-parents were Josiah and Lucy Niciholson Owen, and John and Sarah Womack Hodge.

Nancy Elizabeth Dinkins Betts -- our grandfather's sister. One of the children is her son, Ernest Betts.

Procia Enrine Dinkins Felts 1860-1964

Another ancestor, whom I remember well. "Aunt Prosh" visited often. That's the house where I grew up behind her.

I will stop with this, and put it "out there", I think. More will be added from time to time. Thanks for lookin'.

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